Your Health and Wellbeing Check In

At InMind 4 Health we offer a free 30 minute face to face appointment for new clients of the clinic to discuss any problems you feel you have or might like to work on and help find the right fit for you in therapy. Our therapist Jason, is currently providing this completely free of charge service to help you decide if therapy is something of value to pursue for you.

Committing to therapy or a particular therapist can be daunting, this service gives you the opportunity to see what therapy involves and take some of the guesswork out of finding the right clinician for you. Whether you know there is a problem but are unsure of whether anything can be done, or feel "off" but don't know why, this service will allow you an open space to discuss your thoughts and goals and see if therapy can assist you in getting to a life you are satisfied with.

No referral or commitment to ongoing therapy is required for this service, though you are welcome to continue therapy with Jason or a matched clinician at the clinic, with or without a referral. It is recommended you allow an hour for the appointment to find the clinic and complete some questionnaires prior to the appointment to help us understand the problems and how you are feeling better.

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