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Trauma – But not as we know it

Feel upset with your early life though there’s no big moments to define why? Maybe you or no one else understands why you’re so down when you’ve had a “good” life up till now? When we think of trauma in early life or adulthood usually it is associated with some big event or form of…
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Gender and Mental Health

How do you identify? Gender can be a very confusing concept, along with sexuality and sex. Gender is not always as simple as “male” and “female”, “boy” or “girl”. And there are many ways in which we can express our gender. Perhaps you feel most comfortable when people call you she/her or he/him Perhaps you…
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Attachment Issues – When you can’t understand your child

Having trouble connecting with your child? Maybe despite the love, you feel distant from them, like they don’t need you or want you around? Or you just cannot understand them and their behaviour no matter how much you try? Maybe, no matter how much you tell them you love them, they don’t seem to believe…
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BPD – A life of chaos

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a disorder of instability or chaos. BPD is a pervasive pattern of instability across contexts of self, emotions, relationships and world view. For those suffering BPD, little in life is stable and predictable, and managing daily emotions can become an overwhelming experience. BPD typically begins development in adolescence and has…
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Anger – Do you have anger management issues?

Been told you have problems with anger? Or maybe you have a loved one with a temper? If anger is an issue in your life, read on to understand a little more about the scary emotion known as anger and what can be done about anger issues. What is anger? Anger, plain and simple, is…
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